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Count me in, please. Just let me know how much and where to send paypal!!! Re: Introducing the SPY what is the price? Re: Introducing the SPY Originally Posted by greenstuffs. Originally Posted by TranquillityBase. The name is a perfect match.

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The machine work alone is awsome and its a flashlight to bat. How can it get any better. I've got a pocket already available for its new home. Crazy idea creating a light with Picatinny type rail Re: Introducing the SPY ? Looks more like the Terminator! Awesome work, Dave! Very industrial looking, yet sleek and useful! I am truly grateful for your wonderful responses.

The production fixturing has started. The first completed lights will be ready early next year. I can't say exactly till I get things flowing. The tooling I got for machining the prototype is working good. This is new ground for me and machining titanium leaves no room for error but I am happy with how it has turned out this far. The price is TBD. Those who know me here know I do not complain about things. But I will tell you all that machining titanium is many times more costly than turning it. This is no surprise to me and I do not want it to be a surprise to any of you either.

I have already made the first thirty heads and lens rings. They came off my CNC lathe very straight forward as the turning work is not much different from the Ti heads I made on the same machine using the same indexable tooling. The knob is knurled. I have only made a few of them and it has already taken a toll on the knurling wheels.

The knob is the only job the robot has this time around as the head is not polished. As I always do, I plan to post some pictures and video of the machining process. One of the new tools that does the deep boring in the body is a coolant through tool and looks very cool as it goes down in material. Well that is really only true if you are a geek like me. The carbide endmills that rough and finish the outside of the body wear quickly and so I have to change them out or they will not give the surface finish I am looking for.

BTW, I want to comment on the surface finish on the body in these pictures. It is not up to my standard yet.

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I am looking at another tool that should do a better job. I will start posting more pictures of all this stuff soon. It is always my goal to make this fun for everybody. This is not a sign up list and I do not take down payments. Again, I want to say a big thank you to all my friends, you are so kind. So Dave, What logo design are you going to use if one at all and where might you place it on this lamp?? I look forward to the machining shots.

What alloy is that? Kind Regards David. Re: Introducing the SPY Probably out of my financial reach but the will be the king of all edc lights. Congrats for once again bringing these lights to a new level.

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The styling is functional and elegant at the same time, nicely complementing the 's liquid-looking curves. I was afraid of a bogo-military look but I shouldn't have worried. Last edited by paulr; at AM. Re: Introducing the SPY This is one flashlight Spy i don't mind putting in my pocket -though not with keys yet. The new model i might though -looks super rugged.

The will have a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of the light. There are a few exceptions due to abuse and leaking batteries. My intention is for the purchaser to enjoy the and appreciate what went into its creation. Try to wear it out! Also, as was with the the is intrinsically designed to live through current LED technology and be upgradable to newer emitters Wayne currently offers an upgrade service for the In short, it is everything I asked for and then some.

There are new software features currently being considered for the STFu converter board. The board itself is not changing. One new feature on the table is thermal protection. The sensor is already in the uP. The code will access it and limit the total heating of the light. The second feature is a power-limiting feature for dealing with accidental turn on and use by minors. This feature should be user settable.

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I plan to detail these new features in this thread very soon and look for feedback on them. A titanium light is an exotic toy. Many of you have asked if there will be an aluminum One of my goals is to produce more lights in aluminum. I make the titanium Almost every part comes from my machine shop. I am attempting to master titanium and it is not clear to me if I will make the future aluminum SPY body parts or have my partner Keith do the future aluminum parts I will probably do the turned parts as they are easy on my lathe.

The is a machining mega project requiring my CNC production tools many hours to create. The SPY has precise dimensions due to its intricate battery cap and knob mechanisms. The very things that make the SPY complex are the things that make its function and feel. I am excited about and very proud of the I put everything into it that I can. I am overwhelmed and humbled by the response the has generated.

Thank you all for the very kind and generous comments. And also, another big thanks to many of you that helped me during the design phase to reach this vision. To tackle this I am going to release them in small batches. I will strive to keep releasing them in batches for the foreseeable future. It has been three weeks since I started setting up the production fixtures and for the most part everything is ready to go. I have made the production process efficient and I expect it to improve yet.

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But these machines do not run unattended, each step has to be monitored, if a tool breaks down, the cascading failure can be difficult to right. Also as the tools wear, the tolerances have to be monitored. So due to this I am still unsure as to how much I can assemble the lights while the machines are running.

Only time will tell just what the release schedule will be. The serial number for the will start at it is picking up from the run.

Welcome to Reddit,

I do not generally keep track of this number. If you must ask for a specific number, go ahead, but I will not make any promises. Thank you again, everybody. Cheers Dave. I'm getting one for sure. Let me know how much. Last edited by skalomax; at PM. I miss my Milkmods. Re: Introducing the SPY count me in! Last edited by 4sevens; at PM. This looks beautiful, what fantastic work! Re: Introducing the SPY Looks like I'm 5th in line the night before the concert tickets go on sale with the posters above.

But, wait a minute In other words There was also a blatant rip-off some years ago which I've had the misfortune of handling, and it was an atrociously sloppy copy of the which was a bit more than half the cost of a at the time.

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Would I recommend anyone buy a ? No, they are too expensive to recommend. Are they an absolutely fantastic light? Damn good call on the knob too.! Everything about this post confuses me. I have soooo many questions. The knob modulates output?

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What sort of output is it capable of? Why this light and not other cheaper alternatives? There are a number of high-end flashlight makers. Sigma, McGizmo, Okluma, Muyshondt, and many more that I probably haven't heard of from hanging out here.

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Candlepowerforums is a great place for information about many of them. At a certain point, flashlights like that are similar to a very nice watch or exotic car.

www.hiphopenation.com/mu-plugins/diego/speed-dating-lawrenceville-nj.php They're very very well made and could perhaps even be considered art. I don't see myself getting one of the fancier customs at any point, but if it weren't financially ridiculous for me, I'd get an HDS and an Overready maybe. Those brands seem to be on the cheaper end and have some very cool lights.